Fact Checking a Prop A Supporter


Question: Does State Health Department, or local Health Departments, in Missouri have any statutory jurisdiction to accept Applications for Marriage Licenses, issue Marriage Licenses, or issue certified copies of Marriage Licenses?

Answer: No. The State Health Department may verify that a marriage ceremony was recorded in a county. That’s it. If you want to apply for a Marriage License or get a certified copy  of your Marriage License- the legal document, you go to the Recorder of Deeds.

Question: Does Missouri Revised Statutes give County Collectors of Revenue the authority to engage in recording of land deeds and issuance of certified copies of land deeds?

Answer: No. Every Missouri County must have a Recorder of Deeds to perform Recorder services. Very small counties, however, are authorized to have a Circuit Clerk-Recorder office. But, having a separate, independent Recorder of Deeds is deemed so important in Missouri that, some years back, a special Statutory County Recorder’s Fund was created, a fee on recording transactions across Missouri, to assist small counties in separation of their Recorder and County Clerk functions. 

Question: Would combining the St. Louis City Recorder of Deeds Office/duties with another office result in cost savings adequate to fund even a 10th of a police body camera program?

Answer: No. The only cost savings would be the Recorder’s salary. It’s just a Body Cam Scam funded by Billionaire Rex Sinquefield.


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