League of Women Voters Voter Guide Gets Prop A Wrong


Proposition A does not seek to “eliminate the elected position of recorder of deeds.” It seeks to eliminate the position of Recorder entirely. Without someone with the title “Recorder of Deeds” there can be no recorder services such as deed recording and marriage license issuance. Missouri law requires every county to have a Recorder.

The summary also states the ballot measure would move “some employees to the office of assessor” without saying that all employees would be retained as City employees. It implies that some Recorder employees would be laid off, a cost savings, which is not true. The Missouri Constitution specifically protects the City’s county employees during any consolidation of services.

And, again, there is neither a $1 Million cost savings from consolidating Assessor and Recorder offices, nor is there a Police Body Cam program that could operate on $1 Million alone.


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