Rex Drops $50,000 Each On Prop A Body Cam Scam and Prop B Election Date Scam

Tuesday, March 21st, Great St. Louis dumped $50,000 into Make Saint Louis Safe, Rex Sinquefield’s PAC to fund his Proposition A Police Body Camera Scam.


Great St. Louis is entirely funded by Rex Sinquefield, by personal check and closing out the account of his Vote No on the E-Tax  PAC.

Most of the Great St. Louis money in 2016 went to the losing 2016 Primary campaigns of Republican candidates– Catherine Hanaway’s campaign for Governor and Kurt Schaefer’s bid for Missouri Attorney General.

Larry Stendebach, the Deputy Treasurer of Great St. Louis,  is also Treasurer for Make Saint Louis Safe, and the tech guru for Pelopidas, the PR/lobbying firm making a mint off of Sinquefield.

Stendebach is also Deputy Treasurer for STL Votes!, the PAC to fund Rex Sinquefield’s Prop B Election Date Scam. The proposal would move some but not all local Spring elections to Fall State elections, reducing turnout for school board elections and local ballot issues and with no cost savings.

Treasurer for STL Votes! is Martin Casas, who has run social media for Rex Sinquefield’s Better Together and most recently was employed by the Lyda Krewson for Mayor campaign.

Monday, Great St. Louis also dropped $50,000 on the STL Votes! campaign.


Stendebach was also a petitioner on the Bankrupt Saint Louis 2016 initiative petition to force yet another vote on the City’s earnings tax. The tax was reauthorized in Spring 2016 with 72% of the vote. Outrage over the Bankrupt St. Louis petition was swift and loud. The proposal was put aside.

Great St. Louis has a website in the making. If you see one for Make Saint Louis Safe or STL Votes! email with a link.



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