What Does a County Recorder of Deeds do?

This is video by the Missouri Association of Recorders explains what Recorders do and types of records maintained. The St. Louis City Recorder has older records than most counties and more services and types of records than any other county in Missouri.

The basic recording and marriage license services are the same in all 115 Missouri counties.

County Recorders duties and services are regulated by over 50 chapters of Revised Statutes of Missouri. Major chapters affecting Recorders include…

Chapter 59 RSMo
Chapter 442 RSMo
Chapter 443 RSMo
Chapter 445 RSMo
Chapter 451 RSMo
Chapter 486 RSMo

Because the St. Louis City Recorder of Deeds is also Vital Records Registrar, the office must also comply with Chapter 193 RSMo and Missouri Code of State Regulations Title 19, Chapter 10.

The St. Louis City Recorder of Deeds is also governed by City Charter and City Code. Affecting customers the most is the Title 15.152 Deeds Law, which require both grantor and grantee notarized signatures on title transfer deeds. St. Louis City is the only county in Missouri with this requirement. The purpose is to prevent problem properties from being deeded into the names of persons without their consent.


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