Who is Rex Sinquefield?

yTkejEGTEBillionaire Rex Sinquefield, of Ozarks County, is Missouri’s Koch Brothers and Mercer Family. If he was truly interested in body cameras for police officers, he could have funded a program by now.

Instead, Sinquefield’s consultants are given unlimited funds to buy his way onto and support his local and statewide ballot initiatives and support candidates in an effort to force his free market solutions on us. His latest project is privatizing St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

Left to Sinquefield, Missouri would be Kansas and St. Louis City would be no more. We’d be unincorporated St. Louis County paying for private water, private trash collection, etc.

Since 2010, Sinquefield has dumped over $45 Million into elections in St. Louis City and across Missouri through dozens of his own political action committees and nonprofit corporations, as well as personal checks. And that’s just Missouri. He intends to influence elsewhere.

In 2010, Sinquefield spent $7.3 Million on a Missouri statewide ballot measure- also named Proposition A- to a) force St. Louis and Kansas City to hold reauthorization votes on their city earnings taxes every five years (normal sunset or reauthorization votes are 10-20 years apart) and b) prohibit any other city’s voters from approving an earnings tax. The statewide vote was Yes-68%, No-32%.

During that campaign , Sinquefield assured Mayor Francis Slay that he would not fund a local anti-earnings tax campaign until the City had an alternative source of revenue.  When Kansas City and St. Louis City voted in 2011 to reauthorize the tax, Sinquefield stayed out of the local ballot issues. St. Louis City voters approved earnings tax reauthorization 88% to 12% and Kansas City voters approved renewal 78% to 22%.

But in 2016, Sinquefield changed his mind and spent $2 Million fighting local reauthorization. St. Louis City voters gave renewal 72% to 28& and in Kansas City the vote was 77%-23%.

A few months later, instead of accepting the will of the voters on the matter, Sinquefield set out to place yet another anti-earnings tax on the ballot by initiative petition. But there was push back by media and petition workers found it difficult to collect signatures. Voters often asked if it was a Rex Sinquefield petition, the earnings tax initiative being the third one financed by him at the time. The ballot initiative was called off.

In the current municipal election cycle, Sinquefield’s money has gone to his Great St. Louis, the political action committee; Great St. Louis Inc; Make St. Louis Safe to support Proposition A in St. Louis City; STL Votes! to support Proposition B in St. Louis City; and personal check to STL Citizens for Safety to support Proposition P in St. Louis County.

A Reporters Guide to Rex Sinquefield and the Show-Me Institute